Life in Motion Guide End of Life Planning Workbook

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Praise for Life in Motion Guide

Thank you so much for this book! I feel so much more comfortable about how my family will take care of things if anything should happen to me.
Jennifer, Tennessee

Just like you, we confronted our parents’ ends of life without enough planning. We vowed to make it better for our daughters by preparing for our later stages in life. Your guide is helping to complete this preparation. This is really a team effort—my husband and I need to plan for our future, and the girls need to be aware of our plans, as well as all important contacts.
— Nancy, Illinois

We have found the Life in Motion guide extremely helpful as our group supports and encourages each other through the process of gathering all this important information. Most of us are in our 50’s, and many of us are dealing with the decline of our own parents. We are putting this together as a gift for our children. Thank you, Karen, for such a valuable resource. You thought of everything!
— K
am, Virginia


Life in Motion is a guided end-of-life planning workbook to help you organize your personal information. It has all the forms, checklists, and inventory sheets you need to quickly record your most important information. The book walks you through the process of creating a complete picture of your health, household, finances, and final wishes so you and your trusted advisors have ready access in times of transition, emergency, or death.

The hardcover binder has eight tab-separated sections:

  • Emergency Plans: document a plan in case of medical or other emergencies
  • Personal Health Record: record important medical and insurance information
  • Property Information: store key info on property, vehicles, and non-financial assets
  • Financial: document what you have and what you owe
  • Final Wishes: express preferences for how you'd like to be remembered
  • Transitions: explore end-of-life topics
  • Closure: understand the estate settlement process
  • Document Inventory: log where important files and documents are stored